Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good morning everyone!

Morning has broken in this part of the world. I (Sanna) will try and get started with this blog today, for real. Once we've filled it with more information and links we'll "go live". Hopefully researchers of all kinds will find this blog intreresting and useful. I mean you don't have to ask us for help in looking for your ancestors but we'll be glad to help with any query.

Isn't it wondeful to wake up to a new day and feel "Wow, today might be the day that I finally break that brick wall"?! I love brick walls. They make me feel alive. I have a couple that I'm working on occasionally and maybe, maybe today is the day when I'll get closer to solve it.


Wini&Sanna said...

Welcome everyone!

I hope everyone enjoys our new site.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see how it will all turn out. Great idea and good luck with it!
I'll be checking in.

/jenny (friend of Sanna)

Sanna said...

Thx Jenny!

Jönköping Castle

Jönköping Castle

Kyrkan i dalen (Church in the valley)

Kyrkan i dalen (Church in the valley)