Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kristina Matilda Westerberg born 1856 in Plåttorp

These are siblings of a great-grandmother of mine.

Kristina Matilda Westerberg, born 09 Aug 1856 in Plåttorp,Misterhult, Kalmar lan, to Nils Johan Westerberg & Eva ChristinaNilsdotter.Emigrated to US 26 May 1876 - or perhaps emigrated 28 Apr 1882 to"Warna" (Varna), Marshall Co. Illinois via Gothenburg: källkod,19.652.26805.
At the time of her father's estate/inventory in 1893, maybe Kristina,or certainly her brothers Nels Peter and Gustav Viktor were in Bristow, Boyd Co. Nebraska, or nearby Spencer ("Spaner").By the way, brothers Nels and Gust first emigrated to Varna andWenona, Marshall Co. Illinois.According to a history book from First Ev. Lutheran Church in Varnafrom 1908 that I have heard about but don't know anything more about,Gustaf Victor Vesterberg and a Nels Peter Vesterberg had been membersof the church and had either died or transferred to another parish.Also, Gustav (born 30 Sep 1862, to US 31 March 1882 arriving Varna,Marshall Co. IL 17 December) disappears - he is last known living in Boyd Co. Nebraska as of 1895, but no trace of him thereafter - he isnot mentioned in church records thereafter, can't find him in 1900census, etc.I think that Kristina disappears in Illinois, maybe around Varna, ormaybe Omaha Nebraska, but I think that if she disappeared around Bristow Nebraska that I would have found this by now. But maybe not.
There is no trace of her in the U.S. except that her father's estatesays she is still alive in the US in 1893 - well, presumably she isstill alive, or maybe she is just listed in the will. W


Sanna said...

Wade & Wini, her brother had that kallkod, not her. So she probably did not come at the same time...what do you think? I will try and look for the family in Misterhult to see who's there and not in the Swedish census of 1890 and 1900.

Emigranten Populär, 1783-1951 Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951
about Gustaf V Westerberg
Name: Gustaf V Westerberg
Birth Year: abt 1863
Gender: Man (Male)
Place of Origin: Misterhult Kalmar Län, Sverige
Destination: Warna
Record Date: 28 apr 1882
Port of Departure: Göteborg
Database Name: EmiHamn
Archive Call Number: 19:652:26805
Principal Person: Westerberg Gustaf V

He came in 1882. C M Westerberg probably came earlier? We'll see.

Wini&Sanna said...

This is how they are listed in the Swedish census in 1890:

Vesterberg, Nils Johan 1825 Far
Nilsdotter, Ewa Kristina1823Mor
(Barn), Betty Lovisa1860Barn
(Barn), Axel Robert1864Barn
Klaesd:r, Ellen Aug.1877Barn

Nilsson, Gustaf Viktor1873Ensam


Nice to see! No great surprises. That was foster daughter Ellen
Augusta Klaisdotter, to US in 1891. I never looked into her
emigration or anything about her - I wonder now where she landed, if
indeed she emigrated. Betty was actually Bertha, but called Betty.
Don't know who the Nilsson is. Years are all correct. Betty and Axel Robert did not emigrate.


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